The most beautiful locations in Rome

The most elegant locations: Villa Miani, Villa Aurelia, Villa Dino, Relais Appia Antica, Tenuta di Fiorano, Casale Tea, Villa Elda, Castello di Torcrescenza, Hotel La Posta Vecchia and others. Call us for a dedicated consultation and to book an inspection of the facilities in our portfolio.

What does a wedding planner do?

A wedding planner begins by meeting the couple for advice in order to understand their needs and wishes. The wedding planner will also ask what the couple’s budget is and, based on that, explains what services they can expect to get for that amount. Getting a clear feeling and understanding of the couple’s taste and their overall vision is important and here comes the great listening skills that a wedding planner must have

Jewish Marriage

uring the long career in the field of weddings, Cinzia Ciani has promised to specialize in the planning and realization of Jewish events. A profound preparation of knowledge of the Jewish world and its history, has allowed us to create unique events respecting the ancient traditions of Roman Jewish culture. Our team will be all the time at the side of the couple in the study and planning of their marriage, up to the day of the celebration. Cinzia is able to take care of and take care of every detail that precedes the wedding day, from the party of Henna, to the choice of the Kosher menu entrusted only to the best accredited catering

Marriage at the sea

A wedding at the beach is really the dream of many couples. Although the choice of traditional canons for their wedding ceremony is always highly appreciated, in recent times the desire to create a special and innovative event is emerging. The marriage formula “by the sea” is becoming an increasingly concrete solution, where the newlyweds, with lots of guests, move away to a beloved location, perhaps in the most beautiful and romantic trip. Fregene (or Maccarese) lend themselves excellently to the whole process of the ritual, attracting more and more married, who opt for a destination so fertile and rich, ready to satisfy every need and imagination.

Carlotta e Gabriele

Fabio e Elaine

Nel Parco dell'Appia antica a Villa Dino

Giorgia e Sergio

Marco e Ivan

Country Chic tra i vigneti della Tenuta di Fiorano

Alessandro e Alice

Carmelo e Eleonora

Federica e Felice

Anteneh e Marta

Alessio e Aneta

Matrimonio a Villa Rosa antica