Felice e Federica

Felice e Federica

Alice: “How long is forever?”


White Rabbit: “Sometimes, just one second.”


Every history begins with its “Once upon a time” and the mine too. The protagonist it’s my marvelous job, an especial couple of spouses and a request a bit “unreal”.

This is the history of an authentic fairytale banquet, because exists a new way to organize a wedding, choosing a theme! So, Alice in Wonderland?… why not!

The authoritative words of mister Lewis Carroll inspired me. I red and studied his book like a student for question. Finally I was completely dipped in an upside-down wonder world. My objective was to bring to real life a classical of literature, art, fantasy and realize the spouses’ love dream.

The luxuriant park of Villa Rosantica, located in the middle of Appia Antica way, has been our Wanderland. Giants King of Hearts playing cards welcomed all the guests.

Back to the past and be children again has been absolutely inevitable.

In the Alice’s universe all the best people are crazy, for this reason we put a chessboard on the grass, for all that wanted to loose his mind declaring checkmate.

Respecting the beauties of nature we didn’t paint any flowers, anyway the glycine used as framework for the Tableau de Mariage was magnificent, thanks to Mother Nature! Each guest found its name on printed paper, decorated with the book characters’ figure. The whole thing, surrounded by clocks, because, how White Rabbits says, it’s not a good thing being in late!


Furthermore, considering that is always the time of a cup of tea, we choose to dedicate to this delicious beverage an entire imperial table. On a lacy withe table cloth, the Mad Hatter offered a big range of scented teas and biscuits.


But, Wonderland won’t be the same without its Caterpillar. An entire corner has been set up, with flavored tobaccos and narghilè. A pleasant break under September’s sun.


For the tables’ mise en place, we put some menus, printed on precious scroll, enriched by the old draws of Lewis Carroll’s characters. Moreover, each guest got his personal key to open the napkin and then, the delicious banquet.


The “happily ever after” of this history arrived with the wedding cake’s cut, captured in a giant frame completely covered by white and pink flowers.


Love, has been the only real change of the main theme. Romance, was the protagonist, because our Queen of Hearts get married her king and no one shouted: “’Off with her head!”.


The end.