Wedding planner Rome

The Cinzia Ciani Events was born in 1997 after a time spent in the Foreign Ministry as a Ceremonial, I realized very young that my work should have been in the world of events.

After the first steps moved alone in a sector that is still little known and growing, I started important collaborations with companies in the sector and I strongly wanted to surround myself with a young and dynamic team made up of people who love this job just like me.

Over the years I have taught my team that



My work begins by meeting couples to get to know them, listen to their story and understand what they want for their marriage.

Together with my team with professionalism and passion we will become the directors of your film …

In the most beautiful day of your life we will choose and will be moved with you, because the joy in the eyes of the spouses is our greatest satisfaction.

There is nothing that can not be achieved, and our task consists precisely in this:

to build for each couple a dream that is original, unique and unrepeatable.

We will sew tailor-made details for you, everything will talk about the love that binds you and the road that has brought you there.

The work of a good wedding planner is made up of many components: listening, empathy, the ability to capture the small nuances, which often become essential to personalize an event, but above all it must know how to give their spouses freedom.

Freedom is our watchword.

Every customer must feel free to choose and decide, but in particular free from the stress involved in the preparations for an important day, leaving only the best part: emotion.

Who chooses to rely on Cinzia Ciani Events will have to be aware that our priorities will be your requests:

you will tell the story, we will write it making you the absolute protagonists and we will make sure that the ending is even better than you have imagined.

Cinzia Ciani