Marriage to the sea


A wedding at the beach is really the dream of many couples. Here are some ideas that could help you organize the event. The wedding on the beach can be religious, civil or maybe just symbolic because maybe you have already married in the town hall.

Although the choice of traditional canons for their wedding ceremony is always highly appreciated, in recent times the desire to create a special and innovative event is emerging.

The marriage formula "by the sea" is becoming an increasingly concrete solution, where the newlyweds, with lots of guests, move away to a beloved location, perhaps in the most beautiful and romantic trip.

Fregene or Maccarese lend themselves excellently to the whole process of the ritual, attracting more and more married, who opt for a destination so fertile and rich, ready to satisfy every need and imagination.

The future married can therefore find in the magnificent citizens of the Roman coast, Fregene and Maccarese, delightful churches in the historical center of the city or delightful hillside churches and churches in the hinterland.

Regarding the crucial moment of the ceremony, the reception of guests, Fregene has many accommodation facilities specialized in organizing events and weddings.

To meet the bride and groom, specific the wedding planner Cinzia Ciani offers her support, she will take care of organizing and arranging everything in an impeccable way, from flowers to outfits, from the choice of food to wedding favors.

You will find cozy and elegant locations, which are offered to the newlyweds as breathtaking places, located a few steps from the sea and equipped with every comfort, or placed in a hilly area with incredible views.

Fregene is a leader in hospitality with an elegant tone.

Looking at the event in a broader sense, Fregene (or Maccarese) are presented as strategic locations to organize "hen and bachelor parties" in the well-known night, to spend moments of unbridled fun, with their friends before take the step towards the big day.

Italy is a country with an abstruse and brawny bureaucracy, so first of all we must ask ourselves ... Can we celebrate a beach wedding? The good news is that for some time it is possible to celebrate a wedding on the beach in Italy: since 2013 the civil ceremony has been deregulated also on the beach and more and more municipal authorities grant permission to couples, sending the mayor or another official to celebrate the marriage; once you have done the ritual procedures and requested permission, you just have to choose the bathing establishment of your liking (or the hotel on the sea) where to go to perform the ceremony and eventually even the reception to follow.

What wedding dress to choose? First, the bride's dress. What are the criteria for choosing the right wedding dress for your beach wedding? Comfort is a fundamental rule: if you do not want to give up the long dress, avoid cuts too broad and rigid and instead prefer soft and cheeky models. Better still a short wedding dress, which would leave you great freedom of movement and would give you a simple and chic look. The white is good for those who get married in the sunlight, but if you love the color you can opt for blue, pink, or beige or champagne, which would match perfectly with the sand of the location. Well even the necklines, everything is allowed on the beach, even the bikini, the important thing is that the dress adapts to your shape and enhances its strengths.

All the things you need to think about and think about your wedding planner:

The theme. Once you have chosen the theme of the ceremony, everything will have to be consistent, from the place where the ceremony will take place to the reception, from participation in the cake, to all the other minimum details of your wedding. An example could be the wedding with the theme of the sea and the shells Two possible ways, in this case. If the ceremony will be held near or even right on the beach, it will be enough to conform to it for the rest of the decorations, without exaggerating, because in this case the place itself will transmit the theme of the event by itself and will immerse the guests in this atmosphere. If instead you choose a place a little 'far from the beach, but you still want a wedding theme sea, then you must recall this theme in a uniform way in all the details of your wedding, always trying to maintain a great basic harmony. As for the elements to be used in concrete, here are some examples: shells, starfish, seahorses, sand, corals, pearls, sailboats ...

The color. Once the theme is chosen, you must proceed with the choice of colors to use. We always recommend you to select a main color that will be directly related to the theme of the event. Let's then go from those colors that will become the Fil Rouge of your event that, as you will already bey, may be: white, sand, blue, blue, coral ...

a ceremony on the beach, shore at the sea, barefoot on the sand, will definitely will send a less formal style than the same ceremony turned on the terrace of a villa or castle with sea view. In the first case, clothing can be more casual and without any obligations, in the second you may also expect something more formal. If you bet to the ceremony on the beach, better than you have a plan for: to choose a place to receive the following where you can bring together in the case of rain.

The hospitality. Maybe by setting up an area where especially the girls can leave the heeled shoes in exchange for comfortable flip-flops and also take sunglasses, fans and umbrellas.

The hospitality. Maybe by setting up an area where especially the girls can leave the heeled shoes in exchange for comfortable flip-flops and also take sunglasses, fans and umbrellas.

The religious rite. You could get married in the church of the village, better if close to the location chosen for the reception. Often the small towns on the coast have churches that are real gems. In this case respect the style chosen for your event in the floral arrangements of the church: it would be wrong to decorate the church in an elegant way if the reception were to be an informal buffet with poufs and cushions as seats.

Invitations and participations.They are the first elements that will see your guests at the wedding and it will be from these that you have to start transmitting the theme of marriage, with the colors, with the graphic elements: the guests will already have to guess what awaits them the wedding day. Since you have chosen beach wedding, also for invitations and participations obviously focused on the sea: with colors, with shades of blue, light blue and so on, with elements such as shells and starfish; with other decorative elements such as sand inside the envelope or a starfish to close the participation.

The bouquets, the arrangements and the floral compositions. Very highways that you can walk, but surely what you have to transmit, given the theme and location, will be lightness of the whole and a lot, so much freshness. For the bouquet, for example, you could choose a very essential composition with a predominance of white flowers and add an aquamarine ribbon to cover the handle of the bouquet, in this case the reference to the theme will be given by the ribbon color and possibly by a small maybe silver pendant in the shape of a shell, starfish, seahorse or other.

The groom and the marine theme. As for the groom, the classic flagship could be replaced with a shell or a starfish. If you want to keep the flower instead, remember that it must always be in harmony with those of the bride's bouquet and perhaps decorated with a bow of the main color of the wedding.

The sea-themed tableau mariage. The tableau mariage will be a very important element in which you will have to insert your theme and give free rein to creativity. Defined therefore that the wedding will be themed sea, you have to choose the names of the tables of your guests and, in this case the alternatives could be different: names of the seas (Mediterranean Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea and so on); names of islands (Sicily, Sardinia, Pantelleria, Egadi, Eolie); names of sea creatures (turtle, dolphin, sea horse, starfish, crab). Use cards of a color in line with those chosen for the event and maybe attach them on a stiffer base on which you have printed a background image; then decorated adding sand, shells, corals.

The centerpieces. For centerpieces, same rule. So nothing excessive, but you should especially note continuity of style, themes and colors. An idea could be to use low transparent glass vases, fill them with sand, shells, white or colored coral and place candles in different heights and sizes in the center. Then sprinkle the table with small drops of blue and blue glass to resume the colors of the sea.

Placeholders. Placeholders are always welcome by guests

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